International Journal of Advanced Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4227

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2018)

A study of Physico-chemical parameters of springs around Amarkantak Satpura Valley (M.P.)

Author(s): Phul Kunwar Singh Rana
Abstract: Spring water is the main source of water providing life to people in the mountain region especially in the Himalaya. Spring is a natural source of groundwater. Unlike wells, which may be owned and controlled privately; springs are generally community-owned and community-managed. Thus, they give a sense of a “common” resource i.e. groundwater shared through a common mechanism, i.e. the spring. The spring water samples were taken from the main water sources where maximum peoples were using them for drinking purpose. The present study was carried out on the physico-chemical analysis of 5 springs in district Amarkantak Satpura valley viz: Kapil dhara, Doodh dhara, Hanuman dhara, Rudra dhara and Jaleswar dhara. The samples were collected on monthly basis from March, 2016 to June 2017. The analysed various water parameters viz: Temperature, pH, Conductivity, Total hardness, Chlorides, D.O. and Nitrite. The results indicated that certain sources of water are suitable for drinking and other house hold consumption for the people of the region.
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