International Journal of Advanced Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4227

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

Synthesis and characterization of transition metal oxides (Nano Material)

Author(s): Dr. Muralidhara K
Abstract: The main study of Nanomaterial’s is to assemble self-fueled Nano systems that are ultra-little in estimate, display super affectability, unprecedented multi usefulness, and amazingly low power consumption. As we as a whole realize that 21st century has brought two most critical difficulties for us. One is energy shortage and the other is a worldwide temperature alteration. Presently to beat these difficulties, it is exceedingly alluring to develop nanotechnology that harvests vitality from the environment to create self-power and low-carbon Nano devices. Along these lines a self-control Nano system that gathers its working vitality from the environment is an alluring recommendation. This is likewise practical for Nano devices attributable to their to a great degree low power consumption. One worthwhile approach towards collecting energy from the environment is the usage of semiconducting piezoelectric materials, which encourage the change of mechanical energy into electrical energy. Among numerous piezoelectric materials ZnO has the uncommon trait of having both piezoelectric and semiconducting properties. Be that as it may, most uses of ZnO use either the semiconducting or piezoelectric property, and now it's a great opportunity to completely utilize the coupled semiconducting-piezoelectric properties to frame the reason for electromechanically coupled Nano devices. Since quartzite zinc oxide (ZnO) is basically non-midway symmetric and has the most astounding piezoelectric tensor among tetrahedral reinforced semiconductors, along these lines it turns into a promising possibility for vitality reaping applications. ZnO is generally bio sheltered and biocompatible too, so it can be utilized everywhere scales with no damage to the living condition. The synthesis of another progress metal oxide known as Co3O4 is additionally imperative because of its potential use in the material science, material science and science fields. Co3O4 has been contemplated broadly because of minimal effort, low poisonous quality, the most normally bounteous, high surface territory, great redox, effortlessly tunable surface and auxiliary properties. These huge properties empower Co3O4 productive for creating assortment of Nano devices. Co3O4 nanostructures have been centered extensively in the previous decade because of their high electro-concoction execution, which is basic for growing profoundly delicate sensor devices.
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