International Journal of Advanced Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4227

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Complex integrals - Methods and their applicability
Pages: 01-03  
Systems biology: The next mesmerizing and unwinding steps for bioinformatics cultivation
Pages: 04-12  
Selective administration of COX-2 inhibitors play potential role in prostate cancer management- An “In silico” analysis
Pages: 13-20  
Alcoholic extract of “Gymnema Sylvestre” leaves on mild steel in acid medium Quinquefasciatus say
Pages: 21-27  
Implementation of functional & broadside testing using a fixed hardware
Pages: 28-34  
The distribution of pressure for fitted bearings of hydrodynamic lubrication under low and high rotation number
Pages: 35-40  
Analysis and exploration of probabilistic and non-probabilistic clustering approaches with topology control mechanisms
Pages: 41-45  
Comparative analysis of testing techniques: A Review
Pages: 46-50  
In Vitro antioxidant activity of methanolic extract of Ganoderma lucidum (Curt.) P. Karst
Pages: 51-54  
Decompostion of metal oxides by photo-catalyst
Pages: 55-59  
Cauda equina syndrome (CES) and Nurse’s Role
Pages: 60-61  
Coincidence and common fixed points of two self-mappings in fuzzy metric spaces
Pages: 62-65  
Geoinformatics: A blend of geospatial information technologies for regional development
Pages: 66-78  
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