International Journal of Advanced Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4227

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Cloud computing: An asset or a drawback (A survey)
Pages: 01-06  
Knowledge regarding prevention of dengue fever among adults in selected village at Nellore
Pages: 07-09  
GSM based smart wireless notice board
Pages: 10-13  
A study to compare the knowledge about prevention of pressure ulcer among nurses working in selected hospitals, in district Drug (C.G)
Pages: 21-22  
FMT -An Effective Treatment for Gastrointestinal Diseases
Pages: 23-24  
Determination of Growth in Schizothorax esocinus
Pages: 25-27  
Defluoridation of contaminated water by using low cost adsorbents: A review
Pages: 28-32  
Ichthyofaunal diversity of era kopili beel of karbi anglong district of Assam, India
Pages: 33-41  
A survey on macrophytic marine algae in Elathur and Kappad beach, Kerala coast
Pages: 42-44  
Real-time PCR for gene quantitation
Pages: 45-47  
Spectroscopic analysis of composite polymer electrolyte PVA:NH4PF6:ZrO2
Pages: 48-51  
Tuberous sclerosis: A case report
Pages: 52-54  
Coincidence and common fixed point theorems for (φ,ψ): Weak contractions of two self-maps in fuzzy metric spaces
Pages: 55-57  
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