International Journal of Advanced Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4227

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Perovskite solar cells: A new class of photovoltaics
Pages: 01-05  
To study the ESR spectrum of natural wollastonite
Pages: 06-10  
Synthesis, structural and spectral analysis of 2-[2-(Butylamino-4-phenylaminothiazol)-5-oyl] benzothiazole by DFT study
Pages: 11-18  
Morphological features of the 1.531211 BMJ24 Jeewanu (both PUOC and PUAC) as effected by the different concentration of zinc sulphate in the PEM
Pages: 19-22  
Scope of tetragonal Manganese based Heusler alloys in context of magneto crystalline anisotropy
Pages: 23-26  
Subsurface temperature analysis along the Williston Basin, Canada for geothermal energy prospecting
Pages: 27-32  
A study to assess the effectiveness of structured education program on knowledge regarding prevention of cervical cancer among women in selected area at Moradabad
Pages: 33-38  
Enhanced photoconduction in CdTe QD decorated ZnO NWs
Pages: 39-44  
Thermodynamic modeling of biological growth
Pages: 45-48  
Practically study of shock waves and related phenomena
Pages: 49-53  
Panchagavya is a bio-fertilizer in organic farming
Pages: 54-57  
The heavy metal toxicity effect of lead nitrate biochemical alteration in fresh water fingerlings Labeo rohita, (Hamilton, 1882)
Pages: 58-63  
Utilization of waste defatted rice bran in formulation of functional cookies and its effect on physiochemical characteristic of cookies
Pages: 64-68  
Reduction in production time via VSM: A case study
Pages: 69-76  
A study to determine the effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding first aid for the common ailments among teacher at selected area at Moradabad
Pages: 77-81  
A study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching programme regarding breast self examination on knowledge among women in selected village at Moradabad
Pages: 82-85  
A synthetic division algorithm with positive remainder
Pages: 86-89  
Removal of copper from aqueous solution by using low cost adsorbent: A review
Pages: 90-92  
Synthesis and characterization of cotton stalk activated carbon by chemical activation using H3PO4
Pages: 93-97  
Determination of potential function over orthotropic multiply: Connected infinite medium
Pages: 98-103  
Densities, Viscosities, Refractive Indices and Excess properties of Binary liquid mixtures of Ethyl acetate with Alkoxyethanols at 308.15K
Pages: 104-110  
Analysis of physico-chemical characters and heavy metal distribution along the Beehar River, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 111-114  
Profit analysis of a complex system having two type of failure and rest period of repairman with gamma repair time distribution
Pages: 115-118  
Coding of right triangle and statistics of triplets
Pages: 119-127  
Economic viability of motorization of traditional fishing crafts along Andhra Pradesh coast
Pages: 128-134  
Frequency response of high pass Butterworth RC filters using operational amplifiers
Pages: 135-138  
Hexacyanoferrate: Approach for pigment analysis, early extraction, production, properties and uses
Pages: 139-142  
Interferometers of synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) relevance in generation of digital elevation model (DEM) for real world solutions
Pages: 143-148  
Physico-chemical study of water quality of Murna river in Shahdol city Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 149-152  
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