International Journal of Advanced Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4227

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Bioremediation of heavy metals and organic pollutants through green technology
Pages: 01-04  
Thermal, FTIR and EPR studies of transition metal ions doped with tellurite magnesium borate glass at room temperature
Pages: 05-12  
Optimization of static inter-phase controller using joint particle swarm and neural network algorithm for damping power system fluctuations
Pages: 13-18  
Sentiment analysis using machine learning techniques to predict outbreaks and epidemics
Pages: 19-24  
Role of edaphic factors on the growth of dominant mangrove species in Indian Sundarbans
Pages: 25-30  
PHACE syndrome among children, its clinical features and nursing management
Pages: 31-32  
Electrical & dielectric studies of Silver oxide/Polyaniline nanocomposites influenced by ammonium dichromate
Pages: 33-39  
A study to assess the effectiveness of self-instructional module on needle stick injuries among nursing personnel in Rama Hospital Kanpur, UP
Pages: 40-43  
Taxonomical studies of family Poaceae and their distribution in central Jabalpur, MP
Pages: 44-49  
Nutrient composition of Buckingham canal water, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Pages: 50-54  
Evaluate the effectiveness of pursed lip breathing exercise on dyspnoea among chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients in selected hospitals of Mangalore and Karkala Taluk
Pages: 55-60  
Transposon Tn5-induced mutagenesis of kanamycin resistance Rhizobium japonicum
Pages: 61-65  
Methods to enhance the fertilization of soil
Pages: 66-68  
Dye sensitized solar cells: An experimental aspect
Pages: 69-75  
Bio-informatics: Recent developments & its impacts
Pages: 76-78  
The effect of temperature on ceramic bricks with replacing waste glass in low volume ratio
Pages: 79-86  
Electrical & dielectric studies of silver oxide doped polyaniline [AgO/PANI] nanocomposite
Pages: 87-93  
Comparison of customer satisfaction level among Hero, Honda, TVS and Bajaj Two wheeler: A case study of Rajkot city
Pages: 94-96  
Semi micro analysis of some sulpha drugs by using Pyridinium Flouro Chromate (PFC) reagent
Pages: 97-99  
A priority based workflow management in grid computing system
Pages: 100-104  
Impact of BMI and CD4+ count on lipid profile among newly diagnosed HIV patients: A hospital-based study in a medical college from India
Pages: 105-109  
Cost-based multi-QoS job scheduling algorithm using genetic approach in cloud computing environment
Pages: 110-115  
Genetic diversity of NMT gene in coffee using SCAR marker
Pages: 116-119  
Population dynamics and host preference of a major pest, Scirpophaga incertulas Walker (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera)
Pages: 120-127  
A preliminary study on the ichthyospecies composition of Panishala Beel in the Cooch Behar district of West Bengal, India
Pages: 128-134  
A study of process and techniques of transition metal oxides
Pages: 135-138  
Synthesis and characterization of transition metal oxides (Nano Material)
Pages: 139-143  
Steganography Technique: A review
Pages: 144-147  
Sustainable agriculture products Jatropha plant oil an alternative biodiesel fuels
Pages: 148-152  
New economic reforms and Indian capital market: An analytical study
Pages: 153-156  
Diversity of mangroves and mangrove associates from Purna Estuary, South Gujarat
Pages: 157-162  
Variation in aquatic Insects community in a tropical water body on account of anthropogenic activity
Pages: 163-168  
Acquisition hierarchal network of forwarder nodes in WSNs
Pages: 169-173  
Retrospective evidence based assessment of nursing needs in patients with mental illness admitted at tertiary care hospital, Assam
Pages: 174-179  
A study of modulation methods for light fidelity (Li-Fi)
Pages: 180-185  
Comparative studies on water chemistry of rearing sites of schizothorax species in Kashmir
Pages: 186-189  
Strength of rice husk ash based mortar
Pages: 190-193  
High performance concrete and fundamentals
Pages: 194-196  
A brief comparison on different edge detection techniques in image processing
Pages: 197-201  
Studies on focused–ion beam milling technique and its applications
Pages: 202-205  
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