International Journal of Advanced Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4227

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The effect of CME on forbush decreases
Pages: 01-03  
Effectiveness of information booklet on knowledge regarding prevention of preterm birth, among women of reproductive age group in selected urban community of Indore
Pages: 04-05  
Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infection (PANDAS) associated with obsessive compulsive disorder among children and adolescents
Pages: 06-07  
Determination of polyhydroxy compound (Sorbitol) by using pyridinium fluorochromate (PFC) reagent
Pages: 08-09  
Psychoplastogens: An emerging class of psychotropic drugs
Pages: 10-11  
Hindrances to the growth of apparel industry in Kenya: A review
Pages: 12-18  
Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), also known as ‘sticky blood syndrome’ or Hughes syndrome, can cause blood clot in arteries and veins
Pages: 19-21  
Relationship of water quality parameters and depth with fish density in Kenyir Lake, Malaysia
Pages: 22-25  
Sotos syndrome also known as cerebral gigantism or sotos-dodge syndrome
Pages: 26-27  
Physics of tablet with compaction and compression process for novel drug dosage form
Pages: 28-34  
Separation of β-sitosterol by using three ionic liquid-based silicas with solid phase extraction
Pages: 35-38  
Automatic mobile ticketing system for traffic offences
Pages: 39-45  
Part A: Characteristics and special role of matrices of Class 4B
Pages: 46-56  
Part B: Characteristics and special role of matrices of Class 4B
Pages: 57-64  
Histogenesis of testis in human foetuses at different weeks of gestation in eastern India
Pages: 65-68  
A cross sectional study: Prevalence, screening and awareness of diabetes among people living in Borabanda slum, Hyderabad
Pages: 69-72  
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