International Journal of Advanced Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4227

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Optimization of energy utilization from Greywater in hotel buildings
Pages: 01-04  
Smart grid PV generation system challenges, issues and solutions
Pages: 05-08  
A Study on fake news prediction using machine learning approach
Pages: 09-12  
Normalization of psyche of the motivated population by healthy lifestyle
Pages: 13-15  
Negative environmental impacts generated by cemetery: Case study
Pages: 16-19  
Haematological and Biochemical studies of the Labeo rohita: Effect of Curcuma amada.
Pages: 20-23  
Effect of Curcuma longa extracts on heamatology and biochemical characteristics of Labeo rohita
Pages: 24-26  
Experiments on electrolysis based on precise observation and analysis of products (Color, Solubility)
Pages: 27-30  
Some subclasses of q-spirallike meromorphic functions
Pages: 31-36  
A critical success factors model for total productive maintenance in manufacturing industry
Pages: 37-45  
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